Window Styles in Middleburg FL

Window styles Middleburg FL

Windows are the centerpiece of a home, and they should reflect its style. Our replacement windows come in a variety of stunning styles, so you can find the perfect fit for your Middleburg home. And our professional installation specialists can perfectly size your new windows for optimum energy-efficiency and a flawless finish.


The windows in a home perform many serious functions. They beautify a house, allow sunlight inside and act as escape passages in case of fire. In addition, they help reduce electricity costs. If you are building a new house it is important to incorporate energy efficient Middleburg windows into your plan. These windows will save you money on utility bills and protect your furniture, carpets and flooring from fading due to the sun’s UV radiation.

JELD-WEN Brickmould Vinyl windows combine the energy efficiency and ease of maintenance of vinyl with the details that characterize traditional wood, including divided lites and wider decorative trim. They come with a wide range of operating types and options to meet the needs of any home design. They are also available in a variety of interior and exterior colors to match Northeast Florida’s varied architectural styles. These windows are made from a sturdy extruded vinyl that resists fading and chipping. They are a great choice for hot climates, as they won’t expand or warp in the high temperatures of Florida summers.


While fiberglass windows fall somewhere in the middle of wood and vinyl on price and appearance, they rank closer to wood in terms of durability and energy efficiency. They also tend to reap slightly higher resale values than vinyl windows.

Unlike vinyl, fiberglass is an inert material that does not attract insects like termites and carpenter ants. Fiberglass frames can be molded and textured to resemble natural wood, and they have a wide range of baked-in colors that are not available with vinyl.

Fiberglass frames are also thinner and lighter than those of vinyl, making it easier to add large window panes that allow for more natural light. This allows for more floor space and makes a room appear bigger.

Fiberglass resists expansion and contraction, which helps improve its energy-efficiency rating by reducing the transfer of heat between the frame and sash. However, this does make it a bit harder to customize the frame into unique shapes and profiles.


Whether your taste is for the light clean lines of maple or fir in a modern kitchen or the rich warm color of mahogany in the dining room or home office, wood window frames provide unparalleled design flexibility. Unlike vinyl, which is made from synthetic materials, genuine wood can be painted or stained to suit your aesthetic.

Because wood is a renewable resource, it’s also one of the most environmentally sound frames available for replacement windows. Additionally, if wood frames are properly maintained they will last far longer than other frame options, and they won’t rust like aluminum or steel.

Andersen’s wood window options include their 200 Series, 400 Series, A-Series and E-Series. With the exception of their 200 Series cladded with vinyl, all wood windows are available in a wide selection of interior paint coatings and exterior finishes including EnduraClad, a low-maintenance, durable finish. JELD-WEN’s wood casement and awning windows offer a fold-away crank for ease of operation as well as an extensive list of hardware and design options, including between-the-glass grille patterns to complement traditional or contemporary homes.


Aluminum windows are a great choice for large window expanses. They’re strong, weather resistant and can be coated to look like wood or more traditional Colonial or Victorian frames. They also work well with a range of mechanisms and accessories to improve security.

They’re available in a wide variety of colors and finishes, so you can find the perfect style to complement your home. They’re also easy to clean, with a built-in tilt feature that makes it easier to access the outside of the frame without having to climb up on a rickety ladder.

Unfortunately, they do have one major drawback – the fact that they conduct heat and cold much more quickly than other materials. This can lead to condensation, which is a problem if you live in a colder climate. However, proper sealing can prevent this problem from occurring. Anodized or painted aluminum also resists corrosion much better than rolled or mill finish aluminum.